Community Profile: Aigner's Chocolates

Aigner's new Chocolatiers, Mark and Rachel, are making Forest Hills proud! Upon their grand opening in October 2015, they started contemplating best practices for disposing of their waste. They spoke with our local Compost Collective founder, Carlos Pesantes, and by December 2015 had a solid compost plan in place. Now they save their coffee grinds, filters, and tea waste in a separate container for weekly pick up by The Compost Collective.

Why compost?

Because it is the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to be green. Our little site has taken over 8,000 pounds of food scraps from the landfills breaking the cycle and saving us carbon dioxide. Methane and fuel.
But mostly because it is free!

What is compost? A rich and nutritious soil amendment. It takes mother nature 100 years to create 2 inches of compost where it takes us 1 year to create the same black gold in a fraction of the time.

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